How Does it Work

Testinstore collaborates with most chains within convenience and grocery trade . Through our unique service, you as a producer / supplier never need to gamble or hope your product sells.

Testinstore produce the answers you need to invest safely - we give you the facts you need.

At the chain, Testinstore is a quality stamp, so they can list your product and give it space on the shelf, and know that this is the right product to take in the range.

It is only in the shelf that you find out if your product is actually selling!

good things with Testinstore

-Try the product on the shelf

-Concrete sales data and reviews from store

-Correct basis with facts to show for the chains & wholesaler

-Security for further launch - the product sells

-The category manager can list the product with minimal risk, because of facts based decisions

-The shop owner can safely buy a product, the retailer can use automatic shipment to the stores

consumer survey

Testinstore conducts consumer surveys, we find out if the customer thinks the product tastes good, or for example if the product adds some new values to the category. Whatever you want to find out, we can give you the answer

Key Account management

We have several years of experience in product launches. We have good knowledge of what steps are required. We have broad networks in the industry and we also help with the establishment of sales force through collaboration with the market's most experienced players.

Shop & consumer campaigns

Testinstore conducts campaigns in the store, we help you with increased sales with targeted store campaigns. Do you want to increase the awareness of consumers, sampling in store or help with media campaigns in different channels - we know where and how